Obtain a black belt in the martial arts – I received a 1st degree black belt United States Black Cat Kenpo August 1986.  Managed to get up to 4th degree black belt in this style.  I received 1st degree black belt JH Kim Tae Kwon Do April 12, 2014 and currently have a second degree black belt.  I also managed to practice in Tang Soo Do and Shotokan martial arts.

Have a memorable experience in Washington during my internship – I attended Oliver North and John Poindexter testimony for Iran Contra Affair.  The experience prepared me for college life.  I spent time with friends at something that felt like a notable point in US history.

Graduate from college – I received a Major in History and Computer Science May 1992.  With the right selection of placement classes in high school and putting together majors with overlapping class requirements, it is not that hard to graduate with multiple majors.

Get a job where I can get paid well and enjoy what I am doing – I started working at Morgan Stanley in July 1992. It seems that I will finish my corporate career at Morgan Stanley.

Get a MBA – I graduated from New York University MBA Finance December 2000.

Become a Grand Champion at a martial arts tournament – Done seven times with the first being the Sacred Heart Tournament in 1990.  I never thought I can reach a high level in the martial arts.  To compete at a high level far exceeds my expectations.

Become financially independent – Its a great feeling to live my life on my terms.

Set up retirement savings accounts and max contributions – I do the IRA and 401K max contributions every year.  I don’t want to worry about my old age.

Pay off the mortgage on my home and live debt free – Done – 1998.  Its great to not have debt hanging over my head.

See Silicon Valley California – Done – several times since late 90’s.  Great to see where some of the big technology people and companies came to life.

Drive across the country – Done 1996 drive to California across the northern states and come back via the southern states.  There are so many interesting experiences through out the USA.  To see the diversity of the nation is a great experience.

Buy a cool sports car – Done brought Toyota MR2 turbo in 1997.  This was a great, zippy car.

Buy a luxury car – Done – brought a Lexus GS 400 in 1998.  This car had a nice kick and still practical for a family.

Witness interesting physical feats – Done – See Superfoot Bill Wallace kick faster than I ever thought possible.  Witness someone who was in a coma indefinitely wake up and live a life.  See some top students training in Kung Fu since a young age perform amazing martial arts feats.  I see senior citizens cranking out push up and kicks like twenty year olds.  I have great inspiration to push myself.

Set up 529 to save for my kids education – Done 2004 contributed enough to cover anticipated college tuition fees.  I want my kids to graduate from college without students loans hanging over their heads.

Attend a Giants Football game – Done 2003 in New Jersey and also in London in 2007.  Managed to get other opportunities to see Giants games over the years.  Even with the great advances in television broadcast, I enjoy the feel of attending a live football game of a team I follow since I am a young kid.

Attend live music performance in the village.  Done.  I was lucky enough to catch some live music at various places in the village including CBGB.  Live entertainment in an intimate setting is a kick.

Attend live concert.  Done.  I managed to see a few artists in concert over the years.  I saw Billy Joel in concert from a luxury box at Madison Square Garden.  We also saw some concerts in Vegas like Rod Stewart, Journey, Heart, Cheap Trick.

Attend Broadway plays.  Done.  Plays is something that NYC is well known.  I managed to see a number of Broadway plays over the years.

Have a meal at Windows on the World.  Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks at the World Trade center ended that goal.  I remember going to the observation deck of the World Trade center with my friends.  It is such a tragedy that terrorists needed to attack something symbolic of New York City killing innocent people.

Visit Disney – Done 2006 – Visit multiple times.  With all the theme parks and nice weather in the winter, its an entertaining place.

Visit Monaco – done 2008 – Great nooks and crannies to explore.  Drive along the water and go up and down the cliffs.  Of course, there are the famous casinos and people watching.

Visit Great Wall of China – done 2009 – Famous historical site and good workout to climb up the wall during the hot Summer.

Visit the Grand Canyon – Done in 1996 – Yes, it is a big hole in the ground.  But seeing the colors and feeling vastness of the space is a cool experience.  I don’t mind to go back and do more of a hike in, out, and around the canyon.

Visit Hong Kong home of my ancestors – done 2009 – Good to see the old places that my family talks about.

Afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hong Kong. – Done a few times.  Feels like a lot of history and the experience was awesome.

Teach at a university – Done. Taught trading system development to classes in Fudan and Jiaotong Universities in Shanghai.

Start my own business – I think it is easier to try and pick up an existing business.  I like having a track record and client base that I can use to value the business.  I closed on a karate school, Ridgewood Karate Academy, and a fitness center, Retro Fitness Ramsey.  I also kicked off real estate investments in apartment buildings in Philadelphia.

Get back to my ideal weight of 70 kg – I cant seem to get back down to that weight, but the diet and exercise leaves me happy with my current weight.

Keep my cholesterol level under control -So far so good.

Be around long enough to see my kids off to successful and independent lives

Write a book –
I am completed a book about the Shanghai Bund, Along the Bund.  This book is up for Amazon Kindle.  I am considering other ideas for books.

Always look, feel and act younger than my age in a positive way

Get my thoughts on paper – Done via this blog

Meet and learn about 1000 people and find out something interesting about them –
I guess I can’t really cheat and mention the people I already know as of right now. Progress 100 / 1000

Have enough money to retire
God knows how much money I actually need to have a comfortable and healthy retirement. My guess is that I am on a good track compared to most people, but that may not be saying much.

Win a poker tournament – Done -I got very lucky playing around with an Omaha tournament.  I think I won just because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and I played with no fear

Play in the World Series of Poker. – I better hope I can win some satellites. Plunking down 10K to play a tournament is still a tough one for me to swallow.

Own a classic sports car

Build a rich set of experiences with my kids.  I hope I can share memorable experiences with my kids that they can cherish when they strike out into the world on their own.

Drive in a car with a professional driver.  Done.  I managed to get out on an obstacle course and track with a professional driver.  They certainly can push a car beyond anything that I can do in a car.

Rock Climb.   I saw a few people doing this and I am interested to try it out.  Let’s see if I can do a decent rock climb without killing myself.

Ride a nice car on the Autobahn – I managed to ride pretty fast in Montana before they cracked down on the speed limits.  I would like to ride a fast car on the famous Autobahn.

Give Back.  Ongoing.  I think I am lucky to have a comfortable life and I should share with the less fortunate.  In addition to the usual charity donations, I contribute time to various volunteer efforts and soup kitchens.  I did some volunteer teaching at a low income area of London.  The experience was quite challenging and I have an appreciation for the tough environment that the teachers face in those schools.

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